Pipe & Tube Bending Services

An industry leader in structural steel, pipe, and tube bending services, Tube-Tec Bending is an owner-operated facility in Houston, TX providing service that meets the most rigorous outcome, performance, and budget guidelines. Tube-Tec Bending’s expertise includes pipes, bars, beams, and tubes, and our proficiencies span a range of shapes and materials. Specialties include all types of structural steel bending, as well as square, rectangle, and round. We also have CNC tube & pipe bending services available. Tube-Tec Bending provides various industries across the USA with metal bending services, including structural steel, construction, architecture, HVAC, petrochemical, oil & gas, transportation, commercial lighting, and art sculptures.

Fabricating parts that deliver superior performance, durability, and value, our bending specialists strive to provide high-caliber quality at prices you can afford. From custom prototypes to large-volume production runs, you can expect the same attentive service and prompt delivery, every time. 

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