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Square Tube Bending Services

The modification and manipulation of square tubes and hollow structural sections demands advanced considerations, given the unique challenges posed by the non-uniform nature of their shapes. At Tube-Tec Bending, our team of technicians is headed by a hands-on and highly experienced owner-operator, and we offer decades of combined industry experience. We are uniquely capable of handling even the most difficult square tube bending tasks, thanks to our proprietary techniques, state-of-the-art equipment, and proven expertise. Take a walk through this expert metal bending process here

Industrial Applications of Square Tube Bending

Square tube bending is in high demand for a wide range of industrial applications, including:

  • Architectural & structural building components
  • Storage tank construction & supports
  • Manufacture & onsite modification of subsea, offshore, drilling & mining equipment
  • Agricultural, construction & manufacturing equipment
  • Creation of helical-shaped building & support structure components
  • Manufacturer of framing & roll-over protection systems
  • Offshore and Oil & Gas applications
  • ... And many others

At Tube-Tec Bending, we have the capabilities and equipment to provide square tube bending services on a complete range of materials, including aluminum, carbon steel, carbon stainless duplex steel, coppertitanium and exotic metals. No section is too small or too large for us to handle; we can manipulate square tubes of any size into custom-specified, flawless finished products with extremely tight tolerances.

Tube Bending Sizes

Our team bends tubes in a range of sizes:

½" O.D. 2⅓" O.D.
¾" O.D. 3" O.D.
1" O.D. 3½" O.D.
1½" O.D 4½" O.D.
1¼" O.D. 4" O.D.
2" O.D. 6⅝" O.D.
2¼" O.D. 8⅝" O.D.

Why Choose Tube-Tec Bending?

Operating in Houston, TX, Tube-Tec Bending has the innovative skills and technical expertise to provide the best quality bent metal service for all your square tube bending projects. Our value proposition is built around several key principles:

  • Timely and responsive customer service led by our hands-on, highly dedicated owner-operator.
  • A versatile and comprehensive suite of metal manipulation and fabrication services.
  • Decades of combined industry experience.
  • In-house processing, which enables us to deliver your work quickly and efficiently.
  • A proven track record of innovation, including several proprietary metal modification techniques that aren't available elsewhere.
  • Highly competitive pricing, even for fast project turnarounds.

Request Square Tube Rolling & Bending Services from Tube-Tec Bending

If you want to work with the very best, we invite you to contact the Tube-Tec Bending team. We will promptly provide a free project estimate, and we are available to discuss your specific needs in detail. Call 713.264.0821 today.