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Rectangular Tube Rolling

As with square tube bending, the modification and manipulation of rectangular tubes poses a number of unique challenges, particularly if the application demands that the tubes or hollow structural sections be bent along the x-x- axis.

At Tube-Tec Bending, we take great pride in being equal to even the most difficult rectanglar tube rolling tasks. Guided by decades of experience and informed by thorough documentation processes, we create reliable, project-specific strategies that generate predictable results for our industry partners. Take a look our expert metal bending process here, from initial design & consultation through delivery.

Bending Processes for Custom Rectangular Tubing

Three main techniques are used for our custom rectangular tube bending services, depending on the nature of the tubing and the requirements for the finished product. These techniques include:

  • Bending along the x-x- axis. Informally known as the "hard way," this technique requires the application of higher levels of pressure.
  • Bending along the y-y axis. Also called the "easy way," bending along the y-y axis still requires careful attention, since it can result in the concaving of the section's internal diameter.
  • Rolling the tube off-axis. This advanced method can be used when neither x-x axis or y-y axis bending is likely to yield the desired result.

In addition to these primary techniques, we have also developed a number of unique proprietary processes that aren't available through other metal bending and rolling facilities. No matter what your custom rectangular tube bending project demands, our technicians have the skills, experience and innovative spirit needed to realize ideal results, time and time again.

Tube Bending Sizes

Our team bends tubes in a range of sizes:

½" O.D. 2⅓" O.D.
¾" O.D. 3" O.D.
1" O.D. 3½" O.D.
1½" O.D 4½" O.D.
1¼" O.D. 4" O.D.
2" O.D. 6⅝" O.D.
2¼" O.D. 8⅝" O.D.

Rectangle Tube Bending Materials

Tube-Tec Bending has the expertise and capability to bend rectangular, hollow tubes from a variety of materials. Most common metal specifications are as follows:

rectangular tube bending

rectangular tube rolling houston

Tube-Tec Bending Provides Expertise You Can Trust

Guided by decades of collective industry experience and headed by a dedicated, hands-on owner-operator who personally supervises in-process jobs, the Tube-Tec Bending team offers outstanding customer service and elite skills you can trust. All work is performed at our state-of-the-art Houston-based facility, allowing us complete projects promptly and efficiently with minimal waste and short turnaround times. To discuss your needs in detail, request rolling and bending services, or obtain an estimate, call 713.264.0821 or contact us online today!