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Round Tube Bending Services

At Tube-Tec Bending, we provide cost-effective round tube bending services that lead to error-free finished products with tight radii and strict conformance to customer specifications. All work is performed onsite at our Houston, Texas-based facility, allowing us to expedite your order and deliver your modified tubing quickly. One of our key objectives is to help our clients keep projects on schedule and on budget, and we always prioritize your needs without compromising our elite quality standards.Our complete process page provides a walk through of the customer's metal bending experience from start to finish. 

Round Tube Bending Industry Partners

Round tube bending has many different industrial applications, from the manufacture of pipeline equipment to the creation of architectural, structural, and HVAC components and much more. The Tube-Tec Bending team has extensive industry-specific experience with client partners in the following fields:

  • Aerospace
  • Architecture & construction
  • Subsea, offshore, drilling & petroleum
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Pulp & paper
  • Lawn & garden
  • Commercial lighting
  • Playground, fitness & exercise equipment manufacturing
  • Food processing
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Process equipment manufacturing
  • Storage tank and vessel construction
  • Pipeline construction & modification

Thanks to decades of collective expertise, Tube-Tec Bending is also uniquely able to accommodate custom requests. Our company has a long history of innovation, and we have created several advanced proprietary techniques that other metal modification shops cannot offer. No matter what your needs, we're able to accommodate everything from prototype development to large-volume orders. Completing your project quickly and efficiently, we deliver the professionalism and expertise that yields optimal results time after time.

Round Tube Bending Materials

Tube-Tec Bending has the expertise and capability to bend rounded hollow tubes from a variety of materials. Most common metal specifications are as follows:

Tube Bending Sizes

Our team bends tubes in a range of sizes:

½" O.D. 2⅓" O.D.
¾" O.D. 3" O.D.
1" O.D. 3½" O.D.
1½" O.D 4½" O.D.
1¼" O.D. 4" O.D.
2" O.D. 6⅝" O.D.
2¼" O.D. 8⅝" O.D.

Obtain a Round Bending Estimate from Tube-Tec Bending

To request a fast, free project estimate for round tube bending or other metal rolling projects, call Tube-Tec Bending at 713.264.0821 or contact us here. Customer service representatives are standing by to assist you, and we look forward to earning your future business.