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Custom Pipe Bending & Rolling Services

For over two decades, Tube-Tec Bending has provided superior metal pipe bending, rolling, shaping, and fabrication services for OEM, manufacturing, and industrial clients. Using the latest pipe bending equipment and tooling technology, we are equipped to handle custom pipe bending services for:

  • Steam, water & process systems
  • Ductwork & HVAC systems
  • Structural & architectural elements
  • Signage, displays & exhibits
  • Construction machinery
  • Offshore & subsea flow lines & risers
  • Energy product transport & distribution
  • Power plants & refineries

Tube-Tec Bending has worked with dozens of industries since our inception, and our state-of-the-art facility is adaptable to the changing needs of every market partner. Using a broad range of materials, pipe diameters, pipe schedules, and bending methods, our metal fabrication experts work with your team to meet applicable safety guidelines and industry standards. We also use non-destructive examination procedures in our pipe bending services to assure the performance and integrity of your pipes, metal tubing, and other components. We have perfected the metal bending & rolling process. In addition to all of these services & features, we proudly offer CNC pipe bending services depending on your application.

Tube-Tec Bending Pipe Bending & Rolling Methods

When metal pipe rolling and shaping is done incorrectly, metal distortion occurs. At Tube-Tec Bending, we choose the bending procedure and material that (1) best suits your application, (2) produces pipes with proper shape, contour, and wall thickness, and (3) ensures conformance to required tolerances. Our bending operations include compression bending, roll bending, and rotary draw bending. Material options include carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and titanium, and specialty materials are available upon request.

Pipe Bending Sizes

Our team bends pipes in a range of sizes:

½" O.D. 2⅓" O.D.
¾" O.D. 3" O.D.
1" O.D. 3½" O.D.
1½" O.D 4½" O.D.
1¼" O.D. 4" O.D.
2" O.D. 6⅝" O.D.
2¼" O.D. 8⅝" O.D.


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Request Metal Pipe Bending & Rolling Services

Tube-Tec Bending is an owner-operated facility delivering client-focused service at every project stage. Meeting your needs promptly, efficiently, and with flawless quality, our commitment to quality control is second to none. To request an estimate for your pipe-bending project or CNC pipe bending services,  or to speak to a member of our team, dial 713.264.0821 or contact us online. It is our pleasure to earn your trust and your business.

Competitive Advantages of Tube-Tec bending

Structural steel bending and rolling services for large-scale components, including wide flange beam bending, are among the most demanding metal modification tasks. Thanks to our 4-step metal bending process where we take clients through the consultation, design assistance, prototyping, and lastly manufacturing and delivery this is no project too hard to handle. This process allows us to meet even the most complex challenging requirements with efficiency, professionalism, and adaptability.