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Bar Bending Services

Bending Metal Bar

Tube-Tec Bending provides a complete suite of bar bending services for a wide range of industrial applications. Deploying industry-leading technologies and proven best practices, we are guided by decades of experience. Our fabrication specialists are equipped to modify standard and specially fabricated metal bars to even the most demanding radii specifications, without distortion. It is our goal to reduce the amount of scrap metal and waste generated by the modification process, helping our customers save money and maximize material resources in an age of rising metal and steel prices.

Tube-Tec Bending: Industries Served

Over the years, we have worked with clients across dozens of sectors, providing custom metal and steel modification services for projects of all scopes and sizes. Tube-Tec Bending maintains a state-of-the-art facility in Houston, Texas, and our owner-operated company is agile, dependable, and responsive to the changing needs of clients and their industries. Over the years, we have perfected the metal bending process, from initial consultation through delivery. Click here to learn more about this process.

We have extensive industry-specific experience with bending bar in fields including, but not limited to:

We also work with closely with manufacturers of industrial processing, fitness, playground and storage vessel equipment.

Competitive Advantages of Tube-Tec bending

Structural steel bending and rolling services for large-scale components, including wide flange beam bending, are among the most demanding metal modification tasks. Thanks to our 4-step metal bending process where we take clients through the consultation, design assistance, prototyping, and lastly manufacturing and delivery this is no project too hard to handle. This process allows us to meet even the most complex challenging requirements with efficiency, professionalism, and adaptability.

Tube Bending Sizes

Our team bends tubes in a range of sizes:

½" O.D. 2⅓" O.D.
¾" O.D. 3" O.D.
1" O.D. 3½" O.D.
1½" O.D 4½" O.D.
1¼" O.D. 4" O.D.
2" O.D. 6⅝" O.D.
2¼" O.D. 8⅝" O.D.
Flat Bar Easyway
Flat Bar 2 Hardway
Bar Products
Square Bar Square

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Contact Us About Bar Bending Projects

At Tube-Tec Bending, our prime objective is to deliver outstanding customer service. Offering hands-on project management provided by our dedicated owner-operator, we believe that customers come first. Tube-Tec Bending aims to complete your order on an expedited timeline—in perfect accordance with submitted project specifications.

To learn more about bending bar, or to discuss your needs in detail with a knowledgeable member of our industry-leading service team, please contact the Tube-Tec Bending team today.